Yes, you can afford a photographer!

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to stop by. If you’re here, then you will be (hopefully) wanting to find out more about Apple Pie, and what to expect if you decide to get in touch.
Let’s be honest for a moment – photography is expensive. If you’re after a family shoot it can run into hundreds, and let’s not get started on wedding photography – anyone have £3000 to spare?
I set up Apple Pie Photography because I love photography, and being creative. I also enjoy meeting and getting to know people. When I did my research, I had no idea that it could become quite a lucrative career, if I really wanted it to be.
But, here’s the thing. I already work full time in communications, and that keeps me pretty busy. So though it is great to make some extra pocket money through my hobby, I’m not interested in charging thousands to capture your special moments.
So, I can see why you might be thinking you can’t afford a photographer for your birthday or christening, and why you’d be worried about finding the cash for a wedding photographer. I might be able to help, and I would really like to hear from you. If you do decide to drop me an email ( we can have an informal chat, and negotiate a cost that suits both you and I.
You can see my photos at here, and read more about Apple Pie.
I would very much like to hear from you!

Moments: an evening at the quays

December 2016 – Gloucester Quays

I set up my camera recently at the Gloucester Quays, where there is a Victorian Market and ice rink up for Christmas. After feeling like I stuck out like a

All of the lights at Gloucester Quays. 

sore thumb (mostly because people were looking at me clearly wondering what I was up to) I found an out of the way spot and hovered for a while. I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for, but I was just ahead of the market stalls and ferris wheel. It didn’t take long for a young couple to wander towards the stalls, blocking out some of the lights and creating silhouettes in my framed scene.

Luckily they didn’t turn around and spot me, and what I captured was a lovely quiet moment amongst all of the christmassy lights.

Moments: group hug

July 2016 – Paige’s christening

Families are just the nicest things – get them together and they make some lovely photos. It isn’t really my style to ask you to pose so I can give you lots of staged photos; instead I much prefer getting those photos that are unique to you and your loved ones.

a male and female and three children group hug
Group hug!

Here’s one photo I love; an unexpected group hug after a christening. I took quite a few hoping that I would catch the perfect photo – you could probably make a cool moving flip book out of all the other images!

It was quite a fidgety couple of minutes too – children just are not good at staying still! This is the great thing about cameras; their simple ability to freeze time.

I’d love the opportunity to get some beautiful shots of your little ones christening – you can see some of the photos from Paige’s christening here. If I’m the photographer for you, contact me.



Moments: when a child unexpectedly poses

July 2016 – Alex’s 2nd birthday

No child poses, ever. Well hardly ever. So when one just happens to look your way, and holds still for 10 seconds, you gotta be quick.

Offensive green background removed and this photo is saved!

When there are 20 plus children, excitable on sweets and inflatable toys, these opportunities are few and far between. So when this small blonde girl looked straight at me, I couldn’t grab my camera quick enough. Well, luckily I could, and as a result came this cute photo. I’m glad she felt relaxed enough around me for me to take the photo.

Of course moments like this are often not perfect, and she just so happened to pose in front of a lurid green inflatable, but with some quick post production, you would never know!

To see more photos of Alex’s birthday, click here. If you have a young family and would like some photos of a special event or just a relaxed family photography session, you can see my photography packages here.



Moments: the bride getting ready

September 2016 – Ash and Dan get married

Photographing my first wedding  was eye opening – especially because it was a crazy busy Indian wedding! Being alongside Ash whilst she was getting her hair and make-up done was pretty special, and it gave me the chance to have a play around with my camera and attempt to get some creative shots.

No posing or editing… Ash getting ready for her reception.

The one below is one of my favourites – it may look like a posed close up shot, but in fact I snapped it whilst she was having her hair finished. And it wasn’t taken that close either – I used a macro lens to get a close up of her beautiful Tika. Ash was a very relaxed bride, despite the amount of activity she had going on over the two days I was there. This photo hopefully shows a moment of calm amongst a busy couple of days.
Getting to know her and Dan, and their families, was amazing fun.
Take a look at more photos from Ash’s Mehndi, the wedding and more photos of the bride getting ready.

If you are looking for a photographer for your special day, drop me an email and let’s chat!

Bride’s make-up by @zafrine_mua