Moments: the bride getting ready

September 2016 – Ash and Dan get married

Photographing my first wedding  was eye opening – especially because it was a crazy busy Indian wedding! Being alongside Ash whilst she was getting her hair and make-up done was pretty special, and it gave me the chance to have a play around with my camera and attempt to get some creative shots.

No posing or editing… Ash getting ready for her reception.

The one below is one of my favourites – it may look like a posed close up shot, but in fact I snapped it whilst she was having her hair finished. And it wasn’t taken that close either – I used a macro lens to get a close up of her beautiful Tika. Ash was a very relaxed bride, despite the amount of activity she had going on over the two days I was there. This photo hopefully shows a moment of calm amongst a busy couple of days.
Getting to know her and Dan, and their families, was amazing fun.
Take a look at more photos from Ash’s Mehndi, the wedding and more photos of the bride getting ready.

If you are looking for a photographer for your special day, drop me an email and let’s chat!

Bride’s make-up by @zafrine_mua

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