Moments: when a child unexpectedly poses

July 2016 – Alex’s 2nd birthday

No child poses, ever. Well hardly ever. So when one just happens to look your way, and holds still for 10 seconds, you gotta be quick.

Offensive green background removed and this photo is saved!

When there are 20 plus children, excitable on sweets and inflatable toys, these opportunities are few and far between. So when this small blonde girl looked straight at me, I couldn’t grab my camera quick enough. Well, luckily I could, and as a result came this cute photo. I’m glad she felt relaxed enough around me for me to take the photo.

Of course moments like this are often not perfect, and she just so happened to pose in front of a lurid green inflatable, but with some quick post production, you would never know!

To see more photos of Alex’s birthday, click here. If you have a young family and would like some photos of a special event or just a relaxed family photography session, you can see my photography packages here.



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