Moments: group hug

July 2016 – Paige’s christening

Families are just the nicest things – get them together and they make some lovely photos. It isn’t really my style to ask you to pose so I can give you lots of staged photos; instead I much prefer getting those photos that are unique to you and your loved ones.

a male and female and three children group hug
Group hug!

Here’s one photo I love; an unexpected group hug after a christening. I took quite a few hoping that I would catch the perfect photo – you could probably make a cool moving flip book out of all the other images!

It was quite a fidgety couple of minutes too – children just are not good at staying still! This is the great thing about cameras; their simple ability to freeze time.

I’d love the opportunity to get some beautiful shots of your little ones christening – you can see some of the photos from Paige’s christening here. If I’m the photographer for you, contact me.



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